Founded by an award-winning songwriting duo that has been collaborating, recording, and touring together under various titles for nearly two decades, The Moon Brothers encompass a full-service music production team focused on creating a state of equilibrium and openness that allows artists to create genuine work.


Comprised of the musicians Dan Lotti and Mike Sivilli, and writer/producer Howard Dlugasch who have all earned their place as prodigious talents, The Moon Brothers share a kindred sensibility that has sustained an inventive and enduring creative output. Steeped in the timeless intuition of ancient storytelling and songwriting traditions, Lotti and Sivilli have created their own universe of genre-defying music replete with lingering melodies and deeply resonate lyrics that have inspired and invigorated audiences far and wide. As a collective, they now turn to their attention to production, drawing out in other artists the component parts of an authentic musical expression they have activated so remarkably in their own careers.


The aim of The Moon Brothers is to illuminate the spiritual dimension of each artist, cutting through the ego and straight to the core of why they are compelled to make work. This is the only path to success—through the subconscious, interstitial moments of connection and pure insight. It’s always the subtle messages from that domain which hold the most power, and The Moon Brothers tend to those subtleties carefully and methodically, amplifying them wherever necessary, knowing that artists must truly hear themselves before the rest of the world will be ready to listen.


With an honest, heartfelt approach—coupled with their uncanny ability to recognize and cultivate raw talent—the two creative forces behind The Moon Brothers rise to meet each opportunity with humility and grace. Their work is imbued with a sense of profound gratitude that adds a positive charge to every production. As far as they are concerned, if a song can assist in the healing of just one life, it has accomplished its goal.